Kansas City Here We Come!

The Lenius family moved to Kansas City in 2019. They were excited to make their home in Overland Park. With the many parks, trails, and activities, plus the outstanding schools, it’s the perfect place to raise a family.

As an orthodontst, trained at the University of Iowa Dental School and the school in Colorado for residency, Jeff gained valuable experience in St. Louis working for one of the most successful Orthodontic practice groups in the U.S.  When the family moved to Kansas City, Jeff put his dream of opening his own practice on hold while Melanie started her new position at University of Kansas Medical Center and the family settled in.



Lenius Orthodontics

Newly Open in Overland Park!

8764 W151st Street  •   Overland Park, Kansas

“We’re excited about the new practice, and the chance to serve our friends and neighbors in the community.”

Dr. Jeff Lenius

When I grew up our family was very engaged in our local community and I think that’s one of the most attractive things about Overland Park. It is a large metro, but people still say hello when they see you in the grocery store or at a ballgame. I like that. I want my patients to see me out in the community and recognize that this is my home, too.

Like everything, Orthodontics has changed immensly since I finished residency. Today, there are the more traditional options including metal braces and invisable liners, and both have really improved in technology. The challenge is still to create beautiful smiles! I feel lucky to have experienced working with thousands of patients. I’ve improved my skills and formed some personal thoughts about the art and science of Orthodontics.

Your smile is so important. Some people want to gain an overall change and others want to fix that one crooked tooth that has bothered them when they look in the mirror. It’s my job to understand their goals and desires and show them how we’ll get there.

One of my favorite things about Orthodontics is that it is so fun to see the results. I admit, I have been accused of being a bit of a perfectionist, but while it’s many patients for me – it’s your one smile. I have to give each one my best!



beautiful smiles

The art and science of orthodontics can improve your dental health and your beautiful smile!



Dr. Jeff brings more than 10 years of experience in Orthodontics to our new practice in Overland Park.



First visit or a regular treatment, this beautiful new space helps patients and parents feel right at home.

Space designed to perform

The Lenius family is super busy at work and at play, just like their neighbors and friends, and all of us! This is why it was so important to create a space for Lenius Orthodontics with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and amenities that feel comfortable and easy.

Fresh. Clean. New. Everything is set up to allow patients to relax and staff to work efficiently and comfortably.

We can’t wait for you to see it!